Riga Food 2023: a true recipe for business success!

On 7-9 September, the International Exhibition Centre in Ķīpsala will host Riga Food 2023, the most important event for the food industry in the Baltics. It will feature large exhibitions by international and local companies, competitions for foods and professionals, presentations of new products, educational seminars, and an international networking event to promote cooper-ation.
Riga Food is an internationally recognised fair that enjoys multi-faceted exhibits, interest from food industry specialists, and broad coverage in the media. Participation in Riga Food generates visibility for the companies, making it possible for them to present and promote new products on the market, to gain useful contacts, to close deals, and to increase their sales.

‘We are actively working to attract foreign professionals. For the participants of Riga Food 2023, this will also create new opportunities for international deals. We work with Latvian embassies abroad in bringing delega-tions of food industry professionals to Riga. Also, in conjunction with the Latvian Technology Centre, we are building a new B2B Marketplace, which will create face-to-face networking opportunities for every participant of Riga Food 2023,’ said Rolands Nežborts, Riga Food manager.

B2B Marketplace, for growing your business

Every participant of Riga Food will get the chance to create their profile in the B2B Marketplace and arrange face-to-face meeting times at the fair, in order to find new customers, business partners, and new markets. The B2B Marketplace is an international platform that helps companies meet producers, service providers, and suppliers in the food industry. It makes it possible to explore the latest trends in the industry, with insights into technological advances and the latest products. Online meetings will take place through the B2BMatch system, while face-to-face meetings will be held for the first time at the booths of Riga Food participants, and, on 8 September, at the Innovation Booth in the B2B Marketplace zone. More than 400 companies from all over the world, as well as 20 thousand guests of which almost 50% are food industry professionals, come to Riga Food every year. B2B Marketplace is organised by the Latvian Technology Centre and the Enterprise Europe Network in Latvia (EEN).

Latvian regions’ gastronomic delights
Each region of Latvia has its own special story, culinary heritage, gastronomic features, and artisanal delicacies, and Riga Food 2023 will be the place to try them all in September. Small and medium enterprises and artisanal producers from Latvia’s different regions will present their foods and culinary heritage at the exhibitions dedicated to the regions of Latvia.

Food industry innovations
The fair will be a place to discover the latest innovations in the food industry. The innovation stands of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will offer the newest products, technologies, and solutions developed by businesses and researchers. It is Riga Food where companies and artisanal producers come to unveil their new foods. They will be available for tasting and assessment, which will influence the development of these products.

Let’s tell the world about the best foods the Baltics have to offer!

On 7 September, Ķīpsala will be the venue of the Baltic Taste Award, a prestigious food competition that will take place for the first time in the Baltics, with companies from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia getting objective assessments of their products, and consumers finding out which of them are the best and most delicious. The purpose of the competition is to identify food articles of outstanding quality, to highlight the best ones on an international scale, to promote the visibility and the sales of their manufacturers and these products, and to increase their quality. The products submitted will be evaluated by an international jury. The medals won in the competition will indicate high quality, making it possible for food service companies that trust the opinions of professionals to introduce excellent, high-quality foods into their menus. The Baltic Taste Award competi-tion is organised by ‘Pavāru klubs’ and the BT 1 international exhibition company.

Competitions for chefs and assistant chefs!
Chefs from all over Latvia will gather in Ķīpsala to compete for the titles of Latvian Chef of the Year 2023 and Latvian Assistant Chef of the Year 2023 at Riga Food 2023. The Baltic vocational school team Zero Waste Challenge competition will take place on 7 September, and on 8 September, there will be the Latvian Chef of the Year 2023 and Latvian Assistant Chef of the Year 2023 events, while 9 September will offer the national selection for the world-famous competition Bocuse d’Or.

Grill school
The entrance to the Exhibition Centre in Ķīpsala will immediately tempt its guests with the aroma of grilled food, thanks to the Grill Park set up in the fair’s outdoor area. There will also be an exhibition of grilling equipment where guests will be able to see and buy a variety of grilling equipment, from all kinds of grills to grill bars, to smart coal. Professionals will offer advice on what type of grill to choose and what accessories are necessary.

The grand opening of Riga Food 2023 will take place in Conference Hall 3, at 11:00 on 7 September . You can find the Riga Food 2023 schedule at: https://ej.uz/9hbu

A look back at Riga Food 2022
Riga Food 2022 brought together 412 companies from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Armenia, Belgium, China, Germany, Spain, the UK, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Malaysia, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal — a total of 25 countries. 74% of the participants were manufacturers, 16% were retailers and wholesalers, and 5% were service providers. 12 countries brought joint national booths to the fair. See the description of profes-sional visitors here: https://ej.uz/7yer

In 2022, the fair attracted 20,347 guests, of which 25% were from abroad. Professional guests from 32 countries joined as well. There was solid representation by retail chains from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia: Rimi, Maxima, Lidl, Lats, Elvi, Sky, Narvesen, Lauku Ferma, FIX Price, top!, and others. Guests of the fair included representatives of the Stockmann, IKEA, ‘Ogres prestižs’ stores, and Circle K, Virši-A, Astarte-Nafta fuel stations. Major Latvian and foreign producers also had a presence at Riga Food 2022. For testimonials, visit: https://ej.uz/t53w

Apply and join!
If you work in the food industry, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Riga Food 2023, the largest food fair in the Baltics. Apply to join Riga Food 2023, and help your business grow and achieve your goals. Please contact the manager of Riga Food Rolands Nežborts (phone: +371 29127662; e-mail: rolands.nezborts@bt1.lv) to choose the participation model that suits your company best and to agree on attractive conditions for your participation.

The fair is organised by the BT 1 international exhibition company.

Follow the news of the fair on its website: www.rigafood.lv;
and on social media: www.facebook.com/rigafood

Fair opening hours:
7-8 September 10:00-18:00
9 September 10:00-17:00