Welcome to OVIN LTD! Your guide to the world of natural sweets!

For 24 years now, OVIN LTD has been producing well-known treats: "Kozinak" and "Sugared Cranberries." Our recipes are based on natural ingredients. We prioritize the health of clients and the preservation of productions taste while adhering to high ISO 22000 and HACCP standards.

The company is seeking business partners capable of providing a new market for the company through their retail networks or as distributors.

The main activity of company is the production of treats "Kozinak" (caramelized nuts and seeds in the form of tiles) and "Sugared Cranberries"( fresh cranberries, covered with two layers of powdered sugar) Packaging of our products ranges from 65g to 140g. Our recipes are based on natural ingredients without GMOs or preservatives. We prioritize the health of our clients and the preservation of taste while adhering to high ISO 22000 and HACCP standards.Also, OVIN LTD manufactures products under Private Label (manufacturing products to order of another company under its own brand), including for export.

Naturalness and quality are our motto. Only natural, high-quality raw materials are used in our products. We care about your health and inspiration, so you won’t find GMOs or preservatives in any of our desserts. Each "Kozinak" and "Sugared Cranberries" are real family recipes handed down from generation to generation. And we are proud to share these flavors with you! We invite everyone to the "Riga Food 2023" exhibition, where you can personally get to know our products and our team.

The Ukrainian company OVIN Ltd is a family-owned enterprise that has been operating in the food market since 1999 and has established itself as a reliable partner. Production facilities are located in Kharkiv City, Ukraine and allow to produce: 80,000 pieces of "kozinak" products and 40,000 pieces of "cranberries in powdered sugar" monthly.

Our unique technology ensures the shape and flavor stability of "Kozinak" treats with a long expiration date of 6 months. In 2008, our "Kozinak" triumphed in the "Quality Mark" competition under the "People’s Tasting" category."Sugared cranberries": in terms of taste and quality, this product still has no analogues among other manufacturers in Ukraine. It has expiration date of 4 months.