Lithuanians launch a product that has no analogues in Lithuania and Europe: it will help develop healthy eating habits

Vegetable and fruit consumption can be not only healthy but also modern and contemporary – that is what the creators of the new Fruttberry product aim to prove. To help people consume the right amount of fruit and vegetables, the Lithuanians are introducing an innovative way to make it faster and easier. By creating powdered mixtures of vegetables, fruits, and berries that can be prepared in just 30 seconds, the new product aims to help more people to take better care of their health and well-being.

An idea born out of a personal need to live healthier

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends eating 5 portions of fruits and vegetables daily, meaning that a person should consume at least 400 grams per day. Unfortunately, the consumption of fruits and vegetables in many European countries, including Lithuania, is much lower. Taking this situation into consideration, Paulina Gruodienė, the creator of Fruttberry, decided to make life easier for herself and others.

“I have always been interested in healthy living. I wanted to keep my body healthy, energetic and toned, but due to the fast-paced life, which dictates its conditions and rules, it was not always possible to eat enough fruits and vegetables. I started to look at other alternatives, one of which was lyophilised and low-temperature dried powders of fruits, berries, vegetables, and other naturally occurring ingredients found in nature. Not only did I love the smoothies I made, but my family did too. Fresh fruits and vegetables continue to be a very important and much-loved food in our family, but I will be honest – they are repetitive, with only five different varieties dominating seasonally. With Fruttberry, our family has been able to introduce more than 38 different types of fruits, vegetables, and berries into our daily diet. The product was therefore born out of a need to help ourselves and other people who also want to be healthy but do not have the time, the ability or the knowledge of how to do it,” says Paulina Gruodienė.

However, Paulina was not alone in her Fruttberry creation journey. From the very first moment, marketing specialist Armina Staniulienė believed in this product idea. As the women say, they were united by a common goal – to live healthier and to help others do the same. “My journey at Fruttberry started with a call from Paulina, who wanted to consult me as a marketing specialist about product marketing. At the time, the product was in the initial stages of development. As soon as I heard the idea, I thought: “Wow, what an incredible and beneficial product!” I was amazed and realised that this was the future product here today and I believed in it. We talked a lot and I gave Paulina some advice on the next steps. Over the next few weeks, I carried the conversation and the idea of the product around in my mind. After 3 weeks, I texted Paulina and asked “How are you? Have things progressed even a little?” And I asked her if she might need a partner, an investor, and a companion. Paulina said “Yes” and this is where our joint Fruttberry journey began”, says Armina.

Preserves nutritional value for up to one year
Fruttberry is a product with no analogues in Lithuania and Europe. According to Gruodienė, this product differs from other similar mixes by its orientation towards the highest and most varied consumption of vegetables and fruit.
“Fruttberry is a combination of vegetables and fruits with just the right amount of natural sweetness, fibre, and nutrients. No added sugar, no preservatives, all 100% natural, and plant-based. Unlike other products on the market, this one is targeted to maximise and diversify the consumption of vegetables, and fruits. That is why we have created 7 unique mixes of carefully selected fruits and vegetables to suit everyone’s needs. Each mix consists of high-quality lyophilised or low-temperature dried ingredients that have preserved all their nutrients and flavour, blended and packed in a way that allows you to enjoy them when you need them most. Everyone can find their favourite flavour or use the seven-day (weekly) set of mixes, which contains as many as 38 different fruits and vegetables. It is also a ready-to-use product that can be conveniently taken anywhere. No need for a blender or fridge, so it could not be any easier. Just open the packet, add the mix, shake it up, and enjoy the daily dose of fruits and vegetables,” says Paulina.
She adds that Fruttberry is also a zero-waste product, as the mixes are made from lyophilised or low-temperature dried ingredients, which offers a real opportunity to significantly reduce food waste, both in the supply chain and with consumers. The ingredients retain their taste and nutritional value without the addition of any preservatives, for up to one year.

Eating healthily should be simple
According to Armina Staniulienė, the product was developed with a focus on the modern, worldly, constantly rushing person, who cares about their physical and emotional health as well as quality life choices. She says that she wants the product to send a message to everyone that healthy life habits can be formed.
“Fruttberry is a modern way to maintain a healthy balance of nutrition in an increasingly fast-paced world, in an easy, stylish, and high-quality way, by consuming the right amount of vegetables and fruits. It is a convenient product that can go with you anywhere. Its versatility is another of its strengths. It has a wide range of uses: it can be mixed with water, plant-based drinks, yoghurt, porridge, etc. It is just a matter of imagination and personal taste preferences. On a broader scale, we want to educate the public and help create healthier eating habits. Before Fruttberry, I was not aware that the WHO recommended intake of fruits and vegetables is 400 grams – 5 portions per day. So, it is important to educate people, help them eat healthier and raise a healthier generation of children,” says Armina Staniulienė.
Paulina agrees with Armina and she hopes that Fruttberry will be able to leave a deep imprint on the path to improving public health.“5 servings of vegetables and fruits a day help to strengthen the immune system, improve cardio and mental performance, and normalise the digestive system. So, the question is – if eating fruit and vegetables has such a significant benefit for the human body, why do only 6% of the Lithuanian population and 12% of the EU population consume the recommended daily intake? Let’s be honest, it takes time, fruits and vegetables are difficult to prepare and to find, especially out of season, it spoils quickly and it is not always tasty. We want to believe that Fruttberry will help quickly and conveniently consume a wide variety and the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables every day. Healthy eating should be as simple as possible. That is why Fruttberry’s motto is “Make healthy simple”,” says Gruodienė.

It is important not to forget fresh vegetables and fruits
One packet of Fruttberry provides 2.5 out of 5 daily recommended portions of vegetables and fruits. According to the co-founder, this amount was chosen because it is important that people do not forget to eat freshly picked produce. “Fruttberry aims to help people consume the right amount because it is not so easy to do. It is particularly important that people also eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and the rest can be obtained by using our mixes. That is why 2.5 out of 5 daily servings of fruits and vegetables were chosen,” says Paulina. She adds that the lyophilisation method used to produce the product is special because it preserves all the valuable nutrients and vitamins in the vegetables and fruits.

“The blends are made up of powdered ingredients that have been carefully and responsibly selected, combined with each other and found naturally in nature. Lyophilisation is an ideal preservation method where the drying process evaporates all the water (about 90% of the total weight of fresh fruits and vegetables), increasing the concentration of vitamins and other beneficial substances in the product by up to ten times. Therefore, it is an ideal way to have a large amount of vitamins and other beneficial substances in a small portion. With this in mind, we can say that a single serving of Fruttberry contains as much as 200 grams of fresh produce,” says Paulina Gruodienė.

Plans also include the foreign markets
The founders are happy that the new product has already attracted a lot of attention not only in Lithuania but also worldwide. On 16-18 May, the Fruttberry team took part in the “Warsaw Food Expo 2023” in Warsaw, during which the product developed by the Lithuanians caught the eyes of many visitors. “We received a lot of attention at the fair. People were actively interested, asked questions, and wanted to try Fruttberry. It was great that we also received attention from various distributors from Europe and Asia. We hope that this will help us to go abroad and offer the product to wider markets,” added Armina Staniulienė.