Gerelo will demonstrate modern packaging solutions

We are a Ukrainian company that has been working in the field of flexible packaging for more than 25 years: for coffee, tea, snacks, sweets, baby food, pet food, ketchup, mayonnaise, household chemicals, etc.

We take a responsible, professional and modern approach to the production of each of the orders we receive from customers.

Both for a large company and for a customer representing a medium-sized business, we provide a full range of services: from visualization of the future packaging to packing the product into a ready-made package.

We enjoy working on each of our projects. And with each order, we experience the journey from conception to realization into a real product, which is part not only of a marketing campaign, but also part of an image and an effective means of advertising.

We will demonstrate our products and provide comprehensive consultations.

The latest equipment, up-to-date knowledge, constant professional growth team members and modern views of our management are a guarantee that the packaging will fulfill its main tasks: to protect and store the product and present it to the buyer, and each of the services we provide — performed not only on time, but also in compliance with all declared norms and rules.
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