Brewery which brew not beer but the way of communication

Craft beer and soft beverages MOVA brewing co. are made in Ukraine but connect people through the World.

MOVA is a Team of people who have always seen something special in beer. After all, it is not only a drink but a mandatory element of any meeting or party. Thanks to beer, MOVA Team has learned to bring people together from all over the world and has become the most sociable brewery in Dnipro. And maybe the whole world)

We offer to meet MOVA Team and to try together:

MOVA beer

MOVA non-alcohol beer
Soft beverages and lemonades
Every day, MOVA brews dozens of recognizable styles and creates connections between hundreds of people. Because beer is a universal way to find a common language anywhere and anytime. You just need to choose the right type.

We have been producing beer under our brand since 2017 when we were a small craft contract brewery. And already in 2021, we launched our manufacture, and to this day we are winning the hearts of beer lovers throughout Ukraine and beyond, bringing them closer every day.

Today MOVA is:
We invite you to the beer trip together!