Craft Distillery from Baloži, Latvia, will introduce new liqueurs and spirits

“Ourslogan is “Good Mood Spirits”– weare producinghigh-quality natural drinks and you will have good mood today and next day! ”Our production plant was founded in 2002 in Latvia by the Dvoretskyfamily. Later, when the family’spassion was supplemented by the latest technology, the Dvoretsky brand saw an even wider light

Depending on the drink, we use a copper alembic for its production, the kind that, following thetraditions of the 19th century, were made to orderby the best European craftsmen. In the post-distillation process, oak barrels, spring water, the best fruits and berries give the drink its aroma, colorand quality. It is these outstanding properties andflavors that are why we created our drinks. However, at the same time, all ingredients are natural and the product has passed all necessary tests.

At the exhibition Dvoretsky Distillery will present new this year products: 2 exclusive honeyliqueurs and “G.I.N.”, as well other drinks and cocktails will be available: Brandy, berry liqueurs, moonshine – you are welcome to taste and take home all products.

Dvoretsky G.I.N. is the so-called craft gin, which essentially means asmall producer with a limited amountof production. Dvoretsky a medium intensity gin with a well-integrated but distinct juniper berrytone. In the first plane of the taste, spicy notes of spices are felt, which are given by cardamom andcoriander. In the second thin taste, aromatic notes of citrus fruits appear, and in the aftertaste delicatesweet and fruity tones, given by licorice and barberry berries.

Honey Liqueurs are exclusive drinks, it includes 6 types of 100% natural Latvian honey (linden honey, buckwheat honey, heather honey, rapeseed honey, meadow flower honey, goldenrod honey) and set ofcarefully selected spices. Liqueur made based on honey distillate. Unique taste and aroma.