Comte de Grasse will present 44°N GIN and 06 Vodka Rosé

We Came For The Heritage, We Stayed To Create The Future

Comte de Grasse was established to re-imagine beverages and spirits to combine the synergies between fragrance composition and flavour composition to become the innovation Lab for Drinks and Spirits.

We are not another distillery. Comte de Grasse Distillery is a collaborative exploration influenced by terroir, heritage and innovation based in the world’s Capital of fragrance, Grasse.
Inspired by the approach of French luxury we combine traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge techniques to reinvent the concept of luxury drinks & spirits.

Our mission is to imagine the spirits of tomorrow keeping the ‘savoir-faire’ in our minds, hearts and close to our palates.
  • We combine the synergies between fragrance composition and flavour composition through modern, sustainable flavour extraction techniques.
  • We re-engineer Drinks through Science.
  • We talk about sustainability a lot because it’s a fundamental part of our DNA.
It’s not just about the highly energy efficient processes we use to extract our flavours or the sourcing standards we adhere to for our packaging. This is just the starting point. Community sustainability is incredibly important to how we build our future in Grasse.

We believe in investing to source the very best people and ingredients to make Comte de Grasse the epitomy of “Métiers d’Art”. We couldn’t do what we do without our community.

Now 5 years on we are proud to share with the world award winning spirit brands, distributed across 12+ countries and positioned in some of the world’s most reputable bars, Michelin starred restaurants, members clubs and luxury hotels.


  • 44°N GIN
A Gin Imaged and Distilled in the Fragrance Capital of the World by using cutting edge perfume technology producing a gin that sits in a category of its’ own.
The difference is everything. If light were a flavour and illumination a scent’ that is what 44°N tastes like.

  • 06 Vodka Rosé
Bonjour to Vodka Rosé Spritz’s and Vodka Rosé Martinis... Yes you heard that right, The first 100% French Vodka Rosé is here !

Comte de Grasse Distillery