Detectament – for all of Metal Detectable Products

Metal detectable and X-ray visible products

Physical contaminants within the food production process can damage equipment and cause injury. If these contaminants aren’t detected and they reach the consumer, your company will be faced with an expensive recall, which could seriously harm your brand’s reputation.

The safest way to eliminate and protect against this risk is to use metal detectable and X-ray visible products in all areas of your processing facility.

Made from a unique, patented EU & FDA food contact approved polymer that contains the highest level of detectable additive, the product range offers you the best in detectability without compromising on durability.

ATAGO Brix% refractometers, Brix/ACID testers, Hikari non destructive infrared refractometers for Apple, Pear, etc. - For Nordic Cider Award participants.

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