“SunBears” will present excelent quality spirits

Excellent quality spirits (vodka, brandy and gin) created with special love and care using the recipes of the Pavilson family, combining the heritage and traditions of (our) grandparents (ancestors) into a new and elegant taste.

We offer spirits of excellent quality. The sortiment includes two types of fortified wine, the production process uses Botanic-type distillations, four types of brandy, each with its own aroma and finish, and an excellent Gin that combines the balanced bouquet of flavours of juniper berries and spices. All drinks are created from natural ingredients and do not contain any kind of synthetic agents.

When visiting us, it is possible to taste all of our drinks and to find out which are your favourite flavours.

SunBears is a family owned company, which was established in 2019 with a purpose to pass on to the people the family recipes, which have been inherited and cherished in our family for years and which have been preserved by learning from the experiences of our ancestors and by improving upon them with modern technologies.