Tastik Crickets will present spicy crickets snacks and treats

The inovative food sector company TASTIK is incorporated in 2020 in Lithuania. Activities of the company - rearing of house crickets (Acheta Domesticus) and production of food products using crickets.
Food made from house crickets is new, alternative and undoubtedly innovative. Company strives to be unique, to create a new culture of food enjoyment. To encourage the idea of sustainability, to respect both nature and ourselves, by promoting the right healthy eating habits. There doesn‘t fight against plant-based diets, there strives for balance and encourage everyone to discover the benefits and flavours of crickets.

The main products are:
- pre-packaged manufactured products (dried crickets seasoned with various spices, natural cricket flour, pasta with cricket flour, other snacks);
- raw material (dried crickets or cricket flour).
The activity is approved by the State Food Veterinary Service and licensed.

It is a family business with three years of stable, consistent and high quality work.
Partners choose the company because of the reliability, sincere communication and proposals for quality and smooth delivery of products and service.
The company is looking for business partners to work under commercial agreement.

E-mail: info@tastik.lt