Fratelli Galloni S.p.A. will present a wide assortment of prosciutto

On September 7 and 8 at Galloni booth No D36, Carlo Galloni will give masterclasses about slicing Parma prosciutto by hand and how to preserve and serve the product.

The Galloni family has been making Prosciutto in the Province of Parma for almost 80 years now, since 1938. Made from only 2 ingredients: 100% Italian pork meat and sea salt, Prosciutto di Parma is ALL NATURAL, with NO additives, NO preservatives, and it is minimally processed.

Selection of Parma Prosciutto at Fratelli Galloni is wide. For Latvia we propose three different agings:

Fratelli Galloni S.p.A. is quality leader in the entire production of Parma prosciutto and considered Ambassador of Italian Food Culture. Production is still artisanal: great attention is paid to the selection of the raw material, process still follows the traditonal methods: salting is still carried out by hand and aging takes place with natural air.

Awards 2023: