Amazing wines from french producer, garanteed emotions!

We bring to Baltic countries market new amaizing wines that show huge commercial succes in more than 30 countries. Creating emotions by their outstanding packaging and confirming it by the high quality of the Vellas wines.

Everybody is tired from traditionnal labels ob the bottles of wines, difficult to pronounce and to remember names. When you buy a bottle of wines you are waiting for emotions when you offer it, pleasure when you drink it and nice result when you finish it. Vellas wines will surprise you by the originality and high level of the quality. We do it for 4 generations and will make discover our wines to Riga’ s customers very soon.

French Gourmet Day September 8

Vellas winery is situated in the south of France, we are owner of 13 wine Estates , 300 Ha of vineyards in organic and conventional viticulture, Grands Cru of Languedoc and single grapes wines but always with special technoologie of vinification or aging in barrel. We offer to our clients a wide range of wines from our region : wines with caracter, strong marketing and easy to enjoy and appreciate quality for every customer. We also have our own brewerery in the center of Montpellier city and produce craft and organic beer that we will make you discover as well!