Innovative freezing technology ensuring tested high-quality food

SME from Latvia has developed modulated crystal technology (MK Technology) that is a unique freezing technology which helps to preserve the freshness & quality of frozen foods. The company is looking for new customers and/or project partnership.

Imagine having a piece of bread, a berry, or a steak, frozen for months, but when defrosted, retains the same freshness and quality as the day it was made. That’s the reality SME from Latvia is making possible through pioneering Modulated Crystal technology (MK Technology) – unique freezing technology preserving the freshness and quality of frozen food products.

Typically, during the rapid freezing process, large ice crystals form, which can damage the cells of the product. MK technology breaks down the growing ice crystals into microscopic particles (nanocrystals), reducing cell membrane damage and allowing the preservation of the product’s quality: taste, aroma, texture, nutritional values, and appearance.

MK Technology not only improves the quality of frozen products but also optimizes production by significantly reducing water and weight loss after thawing.
Several companies that already use MK Technology claim that freezing time is reduced compared to similar capacity freezing equipment.

This food-tech SME is currently actively testing the performance of MK technology in various sectors of the food industry, using different products. Based on the results obtained, our clients successfully utilize MK Technology to freeze:

MK Technology can be installed in existing freezing chambers, or we can create a freezing chamber from scratch based on each client’s requirements and preferences.

Advantages & Innovation:
o movable chambers of varying capacities;
o customized large-scale freezing chambers;
o retrofitting services to enhance existing freezers with MKT.

  • Independent experiments and tests, conducting rigorous and independent research to continually advance and refine the technology and adapt program for each type of product.
  • New Sales Channels by enhancing the longevity and quality of your products, our technology helps you explore new sales channels and markets, enabling your business to reach more customers globally.
  • Knowledge, experience and good price for testing services and equipment.
The company is looking for new customers and/or project partnership.
Typical forms of collaboration:
  •  Supply Partnership
  • Distributor Agreement
  • Complementary Product Partnership
  • Technology Testing Agreement
They remain open to exploring other collaborative frameworks as well. Please feel free to propose your ideas!