Top-quality rums and Arrangés from Réunion Island

Since 1845, Maison Isautier has been crafting top-quality rums from an exceptional heritage, in full respect of Réunion Island traditions.

For 7 generations, the fruit of art and passion, Isautier rums and Arrangés tell the island’s story better than anyone else. A story of family, love of the land, transmission and innovation, making Isautier the emblematic rum brand of Réunion Island.

For 178 years, Isautier has been shaping the history of Réunion Island rum through its creations and innovations. The distillery’s unique creations are authentic and intense, with a fresh, fruity style and hints of ocean spray, making Isautier a family brand in a class of its own, recognized and rewarded worldwide. It is also one of the few distilleries in the world capable of producing both agricole rums and rums from molasses distilled in strict compliance with the Rhum de La Réunion protected geographical indication.

All these creations bear the hallmark of an exceptional terroir and the craftmanship of the men and women who work for the oldest and unique family distillery of Réunion Island.