Berry honey from Latgale

Plašumi will offer honey, pollen, bee bread and beeswax candles to the visitors of the "Riga Food 2023". You can also taste berry honey!

We currently offer the following products: honey, pollen, bee bread, beeswax candles. New – honey berry mixtures: honey with quince, honey with strawberries, honey with raspberries, honey with cranberries, honey with sea buckthorn, honey with blackcurrants, honey with rhubarb, honey with mint. We also offer gift sets.

Plašumi produces honey, pollen, bee bread, beeswax candles, beeswax ORNAMENTS (decorations for Christmas trees). We currently have 120 bee colonies. Several beehives have been placed in the territory of the Rāzna National Park to collect honey from natural meadows and forests. For berry honey mixtures - berries are bought from local farmers or collected on their own farm. We dry the berries ourselves with a special lyophilization device. During the freeze-drying process, berries and herbs are frozen at a very low temperature, and almost all water is squeezed out of them. This process does not change the taste, smell, or nutritional value of the berries, and freeze-dried berries differ from natural ones only in that they weigh much less.

Plašumi was registered in 2010 and is engaged in the production of primary beekeeping products. In order to diversify the range of products offered, we started producing honey with dried berries from 2022, we registered with PVD as home producers.