Armin will present oldest French Brandy called Bas Armagnac

Armin is a Bas-Armagnac produced in Arthez d’Armagnac in the Landes Regions. The brandies are distilled in the oldest Armagnac still in operation (1804) and then aged in oak barrels. The oak come from the forest of the domain and the barrels are made by Gilles Batholomo, the last active cooper of the region.

Armagnac is a real gem of the French “terroir”. With more than 700 years of history, it is the oldest French brandy. Produced upon rigorous quality standards, Armagnac is an authentic and refined spirit.

Armin, our name, comes from a Frankish soldier who distinguished itself at the battle of Vouillé in 507 against the Visigoths. To reward him for his bravery, Clovis offered him a county in southwestern France. This first called “Arminius”, the country of Armin in Latin, would soon become “Arimhac” in Gascon before taking the definitive name of “Armagnac”