"MārLapiņi" will present three new jellies

This year, "MārLapiņi" will present several new and innovative products at the Riga planning region stand at the exhibition - three different types of jellies: "horseradish jelly", "horseradish jelly with chili" and "MārLapiņi jelly with horseradish", as well as pickled horseradish with onions. All the company’s products will be available for purchase at the exhibition.

SIA "MārLapiņi" is a family company that has been engaged in the processing and production of horseradish in the Mārupe region for the seventh year. The company was founded in December 2018, but the brand "MārLapiņi" was born in the fall of 2016. In 2018, the company received the annual award of the Mārupe region in the nomination "Homebuilder of the Year".

The products "Real horseradish", "horseradish with currants and mustard", "horseradish with raspberries" won silver medals in the "Taste of the Region" product competition. On the other hand, "Horseradish leaf pesto", "MārLapiņi bomba" - bronze medals.

During our existence, we have developed and popularized this healthy and useful root. The company offers the largest range of horseradish products in the world - more than 30 different products in which horseradish is the main ingredient. The whole family works in the farm and most of the processes are done by hand. Here you can learn interesting things about horseradish - how we process it, what products we produce, the culinary properties of horseradish and its importance for health. In production, we use only horseradish grown in Latvia. In total, we have already peeled and processed more than 20 tons of horseradish roots by hand. Our farm realizes waste-free production, because we use horseradish in its entirety - roots, peels and leaves.

Māris Lapiņš
Tālr.: 26411511
E-pasts: maris@marlapini.lv