Discover the cuisines of different countries at Riga Food!

Georgian churchkhela and chacha, Hungarian wines, waffles, and oils, Ukrainian borscht and vareniki, Uzbek fruits and vegetables, Italian cured pork and balsamic vinegar: these are just some of the national delicacies that you will find on 8–10 September at Riga Food 2022, the largest food fair in the Baltics. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to go on an exciting journey of flavour through the cuisines of 12 different countries, all in one place, in Ķipsala!

The guests of the three-day fair will visit the national exhibitions of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Canada, Ukraine, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, and Moldova. So start getting ready for the trip right now!

Nuts, churchkhela, chacha, tea: a tour of the flavours of Georgia

If a proper Georgian invites you as a guest, it will be exciting, with no end to the hospitality! Georgian cuisine is one of the most celebrated in the world, and its special features have been proudly preserved for hundreds of years. Riga Food guests will try hazelnuts, pecans, and different varieties of walnuts offered by some of the largest Georgian nut producers, Anigozi and GPR Hazelnut, at the Georgian national exhibit. A few companies, including Caucasus Organic Fruits, Kerki, and Kareli Fruits will offer dried tangerines, kiwis, cherries, plums, and other fruits. There will also be sweets with churchkhela, which is made of walnuts and thickened grape juice. Georgia and its wines are a separate, special story that Zurab Kviriashvili Vineyards will tell the fair’s guests, while Georgian Legend will treat them with chacha. Tea made by a team of Estonians and Lithuanians from Renegade Tea Estate will be another interesting discovery. They traded office supplies for farming equipment, and now grow high-quality tea in Georgian plantations. So come to the fair and try it!
The Georgian national exhibition will include 15 companies presenting the latest in the food industry.

Waffles, wines, beer, and oils, for a Hungarian combination of flavours

For many, Hungarian cuisine is associated with goulash soup, hot paprika dishes, and quality wine. It is a country with old farming traditions, growing oil-producing plants, cereals, and grapes, and Riga Food 2022 will be a place to experience that, too. In addition to the usual rapeseed and sunflower oil, you will find out about rosehip seed, thistle, black cumin, and hemp seed oils by Grapoila. Hungarians are very fond of sweets, and the selection of desserts and pastries will be extensive. You will get to confirm this in person by visiting the Hungarian national exhibition. One of the leading waffle manufacturers in Hungary—URBAN Confectionery—will offer not only waffles, but also bars, biscuits, and gingerbread. Meanwhile, Pékmester Biscuits will bring halal products and gluten-free food, including vegan biscuits. A century ago, Hungary was already well-known as a wine-producing country. The guests of Riga Food 2022 will get a chance to discover its quality, trying the fantastic Teleki dry red, white, and rosé wines from the famous Vill?ny wine region. There will be tastings of various beers, including gluten-free and fruit beers by MONYO Brewing Co, as well as Pécsi Sör, Hungary’s fourth largest brewery.
Nine Hungarian companies will join the first-time Hungarian national stand at the fair.

Ukrainian cuisine-a-thon with borscht, vareniki, preserves, and wines
If the Olympic Games were about national cuisines, Ukrainians would have an incredibly strong team in the soups, with borscht leading the way. Guests of Riga Food 2022 that come to the national stand of Ukraine, will also taste the thick and delicious Ukrainian borscht, which will be prepared by the ‘Borščs – vakariņas pie ukrainietēm’ cafe, opened in Riga. Another cornerstone of Ukrainian national cuisine is vareniki with various fillings, to be offered by one of the Ukraine’s leading manufacturers of frozen products: Makei. Meanwhile, the Nezhin cannery will present the products of two popular brands of canned fruits and pickled vegetables—Nizhin and Greenville—to the fair’s guests. TM Boguslavna, the leading manufacturer of sweets in Ukraine, will invite you to treat yourself to puffy marshmallows, biscuits, and brownies, while Sweets and Joys will bring pryaniki. Winemakers from Ukraine also want to put their country on the wine map of the world, making top-quality wines, which have received a few important awards. The fair will be a chance to try wines by 46 Parallel Wine Group and My Wine by Eduard Gorodetsky. See you soon!
39 Ukrainian companies will present their products at Ukraine’s national stand.

This is just a small glimpse of the national exhibitions coming from these three countries! Also, Riga Food 2022 guests will get to stop by the Italian stand and try cured pork, balsamic vinegar, and coffee, visit Spain’s exhibition for wines and chocolate, and go to the Uzbekistan part of the fair for high-quality fruit and vegetable products. And the fair has so much more in store!

Leading food industry fair in the Baltics
On 8–10 September, the International Exhibition Centre in Ķīpsala will host Riga Food 2022, the most important food industry event in the Baltic States, featuring exhibitions by local and international companies, presentations of innovations and latest products, chef and food competitions, exciting shows, master classes, as well as tastings. Riga Food 2022 will bring together more than 400 companies from 25 countries.