Discover new tastes at the “Riga Food 2022” exhibition!

DAIRY-FREE curd, honey souffle, herbal tea bags, roasted garlic-flavoured beer, physalis candies, kale chips, insect powder and other innovative products from the 8th to 10th of September at the “Riga Food 2022” exhibition in Ķīpsala. Come and surrender yourself to new tastes!

Alternative products to milk

DAIRY-FREE milk, dairy-free curd, dairy-free yoghurt, and even dairy-free cheese... The Latvian start-up “Got Foods” will present alternative milk products based on yellow pea proteins at the exhibition. Company manager Ivars Orlovs calls the curd meant for vegans BEDAIRY, and the interplay of words perfectly describes the essence of the company: “We are like a dairy, but we produce non-dairy products!” “BEDAIRY” is one of the latest products of the company, which the manager calls a unicorn product, emphasizing its perspective. The products contain no allergens, gluten and lactose, are not genetically modified, but have a high protein content and great taste – just like real dairy products.

Herbal tea bags
Visitors to the exhibition will have the possibility to get acquainted with a product that has never existed in Latvia before – home-made dosed bags of dried herbs that can add a Latvian flavour to various soups, stews and other dishes. “ieDillo” can help get rid of the well-known nuisance – “floating herbs”. Well, you don’t need to “fish” them out from the pot anymore, because both dill, bay leaves, fragrant and black pepper, and other herbs will be in one place – in a closed, dosed filter bag.

Airy honey souffles

Honey souffle consists of honey that is foamed and quickly cooled using a special technology, which creates a stable frothy honey structure. Sublimated berries, flowers, spices, and other medicinal plants are added to honey during the foaming. By the way, in the beginning, beekeeper Otto Lodiņš came across honey souffle quite by accident, when he got too carried away with honey frothing. Now everyone is happy about this coincidence, because the airy product is really delicious. At “Riga Food 2022” you will be able to enjoy a novelty – honey souffle with chamomile, thyme, artemisia and meadwort. It can be eaten with pancakes, added to smoothies, porridges or salad dressings, used to prepare herbal teas and various desserts, as well as marinating fish, meat and vegetables.

Vegan chicken drumsticks
A unique food innovation – plant-based chicken drumstick with a surprisingly crispy skin and excellent taste. Vegan drumstick has a fibrous texture and high nutritional value, it contains all essential amino acids and vitamin B12. In terms of quality, this product of the Lithuanian start-up “Milgogi” surpasses the analogues of plant-based chicken products currently available on the market. Rate it at the Baltic innovation stand!

Physalis jelly candies

Imagine candies made from physalis grown in Latvia! You will also be able to taste them at the “Riga Food 2022” exhibition! Visitors to the innovation stand have already liked Olga Blumbach’s SKIM Delicacies, but this year the owner will offer physalis jelly candies in cooperation with InkaOGA. Physalis candies are special, just as special as our “domesticated” delicious garden plant physalis, native to Peru. The sweet and sour taste of this berry also allows the jam to be used in various ways – both in desserts and cheese plates. Visitors to the exhibition will also be able to taste and express their opinion about the experimental products of “InkaOGA” – physalis jam with ginger, chili and cinnamon.

Roasted garlic-flavoured beer

This is a story of a family business, the small brewery “MIGLA”, which brews traditional beer in modern ways, as well as surprises with more daring beer experiments. “TALKA” is the newest of the brewery’s beers – excellently balanced, with a rich aroma of malt and roasted garlic. This beer will surprise you with its characteristic brown colour of garlic toast, its clarity, and malty caramel flavour combined with a pleasant garlic aroma.

Insect powder candies
“Dark plum”, “White raspberry”, “Dark peanut”… these are the delicious names of the innovative chocolates with insect powder from the Carlos’Bug, which are produced in the Netherlands especially for human consumption. Insect powder is rich in protein, omega fatty acids, vitamin B, calcium and iron, so these candies can safely be called healthy treats. They contain a lot of protein – 57% per 100 g – and a little sugar! At the “Riga Food 2022” exhibition, you will be able to taste both candies and the powder.

Kale chips, pesto and kimchi
The functional food manufacturer “Kale Latvia Organic” will present its original products at the exhibition, which are made from a plant of the superfood class – kale. The company’s assortment includes kale pesto, chips and kimchi. To make chips, kale is dried for 16 hours at a temperature of 45 degrees, thus preserving the valuable nutrients. Kale kimchi, on the other hand, is a collection of intense Latvian flavours, and is fermented in a barrel for several months. Like sauerkraut, kale kimchi is a rich source of lactobacilli.

Sprouted buckwheat bars
“Griksi” bars were created as an alternative to those snacks whose composition is followed by a range of E’s and foreign terms. “Healthy Snacks” will offer vegan-friendly buckwheat bars at the Innovation stand, which are healthy, natural and also very simple, as they contain only three basic products: ecological green buckwheat grown in Latvia, dates and fruits or seeds. Sprouted buckwheat provides a soft crunchy texture to the product – with each tasty bite, it takes you closer to a new, healthy habit.

Sugar-free pine products
In the 21st century, a large part of society is worried about the amount of sugar and calories consumed, so the family company “Mītavas čiekurs” spent the summer working on new sugar-free products. The overarching goal was to create a sugar-free cone syrup, but there are already five sugar-free products on offer: pine cone syrup, pine bud syrup, cone jam with sea buckthorn and two types of pine cone caramels. Even healthier than before!

Extremely hot sauces
The “Riga Food 2022” Innovation stand will also have news for lovers of spicy food! Another two new products have joined the well-known “Ziggy’s HOT Sauce” hot sauces with whiskey and with chocolate – pickled jalapeno peppers and the extreme hot sauce “DNA Changer”. The source of the taste and spiciness of this sauce is one of the world’s spiciest peppers – “Carolina Reaper”, which is grown in Rūjiena. Come to the exhibition and get hot!

And this is not all! Visitors to “Riga Food 2022” will have the opportunity to express their opinion about two new “Pūre” products, thereby influencing which of them will go on sale. At the exhibition, you will also be able to familiarize yourself with the novelties of “Pupuchu” – roasted lentil snack, alternative flour and fast food – soups and porridges with roasted lentils. On the other hand, the Lithuanian company “Sotukai” will offer valuable herbal products “in one bite”, while “Leobella” will present sweets made from beans. For other innovative novelties, see here:

From business contacts to gastronomic pleasures
From the 8th to 10th September, Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre will host the most important event of the food sector this year – the “Riga Food 2022” exhibition, which will provide industry professionals with a safe environment for new business and gourmets with an opportunity to explore new tastes. More than 400 companies from 25 countries will present in Ķīpsala their latest innovations, technologies and topicalities in the field of food and beverage production and processing. In the exhibition, there will be joint national stands of 11 countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Canada and Moldova.

“Riga Food” is organised by the international exhibition company “BT1”. The Latvian and Baltic Innovation stands are organised by the Latvian Technological Centre.