Rediscover the taste of ice cream with Dvietes homemade ice cream!

At the exhibition "Riga Food 2022", Dvietes homemade ice cream will offer a tasting of eight different homemade ice creams. A chance to participate in the lottery and win a tasting lunch for up to 15 people in our ice cream cafe.

A chance to enjoy the best classic ice cream: Vanilla, chocolate ice cream, as well as raspberry-basil, sea buckthorn-quince, blackcurrant, curd-rum-raisin, cranberry-chocolate flavoured ice creams, as well as strawberry sorbet!

Dvietes homemade ice cream is a family business with 30 years of experience in dairy farming. The ice cream is natural, from the milk of our own farm, does not contain E-substances and vegetable fats, and reduced amount of sugar, giving a new mark of quality in the ice cream industry.

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