Discover Georgian tea with Renegade Tea Estate

We offer pure, chemical-free Georgian tea, grown and produced in our farm in Imereti, Georgia. We have a wide range of green teas, black teas and oolong teas.

Renegade Tea Estate is a tea farm in Georgia that was established by a group of Estonians and a Lithuanian who got tired of the daily rat race in the corporate world. They decided to change their office careers for rubber boots to help to save the abandoned tea plantations of Georgia and to make some good tea!
Renegade teas are grown on lands that had been abandoned for the last 30 years. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the tea industry in Georgia went almost extinct as well. The tea bushes were left on their own, making way for a jungle of weeds and trees. There has been no human intervention during those years, and therefore also no chemicals have ended up in the soil. After rehabilitating the fields, we have continued also with the organic ways of agriculture, not using any herbicides or pesticides nor concentrated fertilizers.

All the harvests at Renegade Tea Estate are done manually - hand-plucking only the most delicate leaves from seed-grown bushes that are more than 60 years old. Since there are hundreds of genetically diverse plants in the estates, each batch of leaves that end up in the factory is a little different. All Renegade teas are single-origin non-blended whole-leaf teas - each package contains leaves from a particular day from a specific plantation. Therefore, like with wine, each batch is unique and also the taste differs a little bit. All the teas are produced by Hannes and Tomas in a small factory next to the plantation, combining the history of Georgian tea with modern techniques.