"SpirulinaNord" offers fresh spirulina grown in Latvia

Spirulina is the world’s favorite superfood, now also grown in Latvia. Fresh and tasty! Spirulina is an algae, however "SpirulinaNord" drinks do not taste like algae! They come in classic fruit flavors.

All "SpirulinaNord" products contain fresh, unprocessed spirulina, as it has been proven that the valuable substances of fresh spirulina are absorbed 4x better and valuable antioxidants are not lost. In addition, our product does not have the specific taste and smell of spirulina powders.

Spirulina is also called a super vegetable, because the daily recommended dose is only two table spoons of fresh spirulina. It contains the valuable substances of vegetables but does not contain fiber, therefore it is especially recommended as a functional food supplement for people whom fiber causes disorders (for example, in the case of stomach ulcers or after the digestive tract operations) or people who have insufficient appetite or other reasons for not consuming the recommended dose of vegetables.

Also during intense sports, when the body needs a particularly healthy diet, but the intense training does not include a sufficient amount of vegetables, spirulina is a natural way to absorb biologically active substances from vegetables. Spirulina has a special ability to promote endurance during anaerobic exercise and to delay the release of lactic acid. It also helps to recover after intense exercise and injuries. Spirulina can be called natural and permitted doping in sports.

At the exhibition, it will be possible to taste all "SpirulinaNord" fresh spirulina products, as well as the newest ones, which will come to the market this fall.

"SpirulinaNord" is a company founded in 2019 by two Latvian female scientists - Dr.sc.ing. Kristine Vegere and Dr.sc.ing. Agnese Stunda-Zujeva. They have invented unique technology that allows growing of the tropical microalgae spirulina in Nordics.