Grow your business with plant-based food and "Augi & Draugi"!

This year, visitors of “Riga Food 2022” can learn about the rapid market growth of plant-based a.k.a. vegan food and receive free advice on how to introduce innovative, rich and sustainable plant-based products in their business.

An increasing number of people in Latvia desire a greater variety of plant-based food options, motivating businesses to quickly develop new skills – from recipes to marketing. For the first time, “Riga Food 2022” will be joined by “Augi & Draugi” – your unique opportunity to meet friendly experts, learn about the plant-based kitchen and market trends, and sign up for free consultations on how to successfully introduce plant-based products and attract a wide range of customers.

“Augi & Draugi” (“Plants & Friends” in Latvian) is a non-profit programme that helps businesses fulfill the potential of plant-based food and guides foodies to the best and nearest offers. We conduct research and the survey “Gada augu produkts” (“Plant-based product of the year” in Latvian), provide consultations and marketing partnerships. Our 120+ partners include companies like “Pica Lulū”, “DUS Virši”, “Caffeine LV”, “Lage” and “Ezītis miglā”.

Our website currently caters to all kinds of foodies, restaurants and chefs. We are working on special new content for producers and other industry professionals - stay tuned!