Georgian Walnuts at Riga Food 2022

With a capacity of nearly 1 500 tons per year, Anigozi grows and processes walnuts in two formats, in-shell and kernels. Chandler, Lara and Howard varieties produced and processed by Anigozi will be presented at Riga Food 2022. The company maintains FSSC 22 000 certification, ensuring quality and food safety assurances throughout every stage of operations.

Anigozi walnuts are grown, sorted and packaged to meet the needs of food producers who cater to these mealtime opportunities. At every stage of operations, from the orchard all the way through to shipping, the company takes great care, producing walnuts that deliver all of the functional benefits, from flavor to nutrition, that processors and manufacturers expect.

Factory is equipped with modern French origin(“AMB Rousset”) processing line - Washing, Drying, Sizing and Turkish origin(“US SORT AKY Technology”) cracking line with capacity of cracking 1 000 kg per hour. In-shell walnuts are packaged in 25kg bulk bags, while kernels are available in 5kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20kg vacuum bags. Walnuts are classified in 3 colors - Extra Light, Light, Light Amber and 3 grades: 80% Halves, 40% Halves and quarters/pieces. Company is ready to send available stock samples worldwide. Anigozi’s production is accompanied with Georgian Certificate of Origin (EUR 1), Phytosanitary Certificate, Conformity declaration and all the rest required export documentation.
Anigozi is one of the largest walnut producers in Georgia with state-of-the-art processing facilities in the village of Martkopi, Gardabani municipality. Working cooperatively with local farmers, the company processes and packs Chandler, Lara and Howard walnuts from various regions of Georgia to exacting international specifications. In Georgia, Walnuts are harvested from the end of September until the end of October.
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Cell: +995 592 70 00 10 (WhatsApp)