REGALHOUSE will present natural juices, nectars and BIO tea from France

REGALHOUSE will present premium products from France – natural juices and nectars, BIO tea, delicacies, non-alcoholic wines, champagne and beer.


Le Petit Béret is the French alcohol free premium leader.

We distribute artisanal fruit and vegetable Juices and Nectars produced under the radiant sun of Southern France. Our products are characterized by an aromatic palette composed of natural and authentic tastes. New flavours are launched each year based on the world’s fruit harvests and discoveries.

Our top-of-the-range products fit perfectly into the gastronomic approach of the top restaurants, classified hotels, coffee shops, grocery stores wishing to offer out of the ordinary flavours and tastes to their customers.

Unlike industrial juices and nectars that reproduce uniform flavours throughout the year, our products are different each season. Their tastes and textures vary according to the years and climatic conditions of the regions where they grow.

Since 2015, Le Petit Béret is the French alcohol free premium leader. This production is carried out using a manufacturing process specific to the company, developed with the national institute of agronomic.To finalize the current version of this said process, the founder of the company Fathi BENNI enlisted the skills of Dominique LAPORTE, best sommelier of France and Master of Wine. From this association, taste characteristics were sought as well as acidity, astringency and tannins. The main idea was to combine the know-how of the vineyards and French taste excellence to offer today a unique product that goes well with everyday cuisine as well as gastronomy. This process was then applied to both effervescent versions and non-alcoholic beers.