Harter will present Airgenex innovative drying systems

Our way of drying is very special: Very gentle, very safe, very energy saving!

Harter´s drying systems with its constant process parameters leads to excellent results in terms of appearance, aroma and bioactivity. The heat pump-based condensation drying technology significantly reduces CO2 emissions and consumes up to 75% less energy.

The Airgenex® drying system developed by Harter is capable of drying any kind of foodstuff in a gentle and very energy efficient way, fast and reliably. Heat pump based condensation drying resolves drying problems and optimizes production processes. Many years of experience in and know-how of many hundreds of drying applications ensure that you get the solutions exactly suiting your product and your production process. This is the only way to success for you, the customer, and us, the supplier. Top priority features for the drying process are as follows.

Safe, fast and gentle drying - Harter has dedicated itself to this motto. Harter is an owner-managed company that has been developing, manufacturing and selling energy-saving drying systems for industry for over 30 years. The specially developed CONDENSATION DRYING SYSTEM BASED ON HEAT PUMPS is an efficient and very energy saving solution in all questions of drying and thus process optimisation.

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