SOTUKAI will present highly concentrated and valuable plant-based products

SOTUKAI family business was started in September 2021 aiming to help those who are looking for plant-based, natural, nutritious and safe sweet snacks. Another important goal was to promote superfoods as an alternative to synthetic supplements.

SOTUKAI was born out of care and desire to satisfy all family members, including vegetarians who do not consume sugar and gluten, and even those allergic to dairy products. It’s a small and convenient, one-bite-snack, filling plant-based meal.

SOTUKAI – highly concentrated and valuable plant-based products in one bite. These are nutritious products that are extremely convenient to use. A few SOTUKAI on hand and you don’t have room for a worthless or low-nutrition snack. They contain no added sugar, no gluten or dairy, so are suitable for everyone, even children or vegans. It is a SUPERFOOD for the health of your body and soul.

At the moment there are produced 7 types of SOTUKAI:

All of them are signed with a Green keyhole sign by Ministry of Health of Lithuanian Republic.
Mobile: + 370 686 55973