Support the growing organism naturally!

Happy Tummy is designed for both young and old, but is especially suitable for balancing the body of a young person with a often stubborn diet.

Our natural, handmade Happy Tummy truffles were made from the feedback of customers who consumed Black Stuff themselves, but could not make it attractive enough for a child.

But how to make something so useful, tasty, healthy and natural without teaching children to take pills "for health" from an early age?

After a long experimentation we found that sweets from dates, cranberries and cocoa were exactly what was very popular among children. We also added the right amount of Black Stuff powder to the truffle mixture and ready it was!

Our Happy Tummy fans have described the following effects:

In addition, cranberries have been used to treat urinary tract disorders and to transport toxins out of the body, and their daily consumption may be beneficial.
Containing a record amount of beneficial substances, Happy Tummy is a better alternative to vitamins and a good companion to antibiotics.

If the sweetheart in you felt like we made the truffles just for the kids, you’re wrong.
Under cover of secrecy, we can say that they are actually our favorites too. ;)

They are definitely a good gift idea for someone who cares about their health, both young and old.
Keep your health with a sweet treat - naturally!

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