"ieDillo" – gives the soup a Latvian taste!

At the "ieDillo" stand, visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with a product that has never been seen in Latvia before - home-made dosed sachets of dried herbs and spice mix that can give a Latvian flavor to various soups, stews and other dishes prepared in our kitchen. The basic raw material is dried dill.

All six types of dried spice and herb mix sachets will be presented at "Riga Food 2022", including this summer’s novelty - dosed sachets of dried herbs created for making seafood soups.

"ieDillo" types of dried spice and herb mix dosed sachets:

"ieDillo" is a convenient product that can solve such a well-known nuisance - "floating herbs", which will no longer need to be "fished" from the pot, because all of them: dill, bay leaves, allspice, black pepper and other herbs will be in one place - closed , in a metered filter bag created by “ieDillo”.

"ieDillo" application
A bag of dried herbs is placed in the pot to improve the taste of the food, after cooking (up to 30 minutes in vegetable/seafood soups and up to 1 hour in meat soups), take it out of the pot and dispose of it. The food will be given the flavor obtained from the herbs, but the herbs themselves will be in one place - in the filter bag. 
A practical gift, a great souvenir to present the Latvian taste abroad and a convenient product for everyday meal preparation.

Dosed bags of dried herbs "ieDillo" were created in 2020. Homemade, handmade. A product made by the Dilan’s family. The farm is located in Jekabpils district.

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