Meet Ziggy's Chilie's hot sauces!

All the best things are created with enthusiasm. And that is exactly how Ziggy`s Chilie`s are made – hot sauce made from local ingredients.

Exibition visitors will be introduced with sauces that are already on the market:

There will be also two new products – pickled jalapeno peppers and extremly spicy fermented chili sauce. Ziggy`s HOT Sauce is made from chili grown in Rūjiena, onions, carrots, tomato and garlic. Spicier food lovers can use this sauce almost everywhere: as an additive to soups, marinades, pasta, pilaf, even desserts, and of course it can be used “directly from the jar”. When mixed with sour cream or mayonnaise it will be a spicy sauce for all kind of snacks – vegetables, chips and other snacks.

Ziggy`s HOT Sauce can be bought at the local home manufacturers` store or by ordering privately in Facebook or Instagram.
Phone: +371 27880533

The product can also be presented as a gift by agreement.
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