Mixpack will present friendly packaging made from plants

Disposable environmentally friendly packaging made from plants.
Introducing visitors to environmentally friendly packaging made from plants.

About Mixpack
We are a master distributor of the well-known manufacturer of environmentally friendly and compostable eco tableware – VEGWARE in the Baltic States and Russia.

In addition to the direct entrepreneurial activities, our company has a highly developed sector of social entrepreneurship, within which we implement projects to help children, teach them to love and not to pollute the environment.

We are already trusted by such major players of the Estonian HoReCa sector as Wolt, McKenzie grupp (CHI, Chopsticks, Little India), Reval cafe. We are actively engaged in exhibitions and festivals.

An eco-friendly lifestyle is easy and convenient now. Mixpack distributes Vegware eco tableware in the HoReCa sector. We are the official representative of the brand in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Address to us – together we will make the world a better and cleaner place using only compostable eco tableware!

Mixpack OU
Piisle tee 16, 13914, Tallin, Harjumaa
+371 25307215