About us

"We provide a compilation of business marketing services organising and managing other operators’ business. We are matchmakers!” explains Mr Viesturs Tīle, a chairman of the BT 1 Board.

The International Exhibition Company BT 1 is a full service exhibition company, organizing a high-level international and national trade fairs, forums, concerts and performances since 1995.

BT 1 has become a recognized leader in the Baltic exhibition business offering large international trade fairs covering construction, beauty, tourism and travel, education, engineering, metal processing and many other industries. Each year more than 30 trade fairs are held at the Kipsala International Exhibition Centre and practically all industries of the national economy important for the region are presented there.

Businesses take advantage of BT 1’s fairs to achieve their business objectives – to explore the market, to find new market outlets, to talk with industry players, to meet potential customers and partners, to present their products and brands etc.

BT 1 works in close cooperation with various industry associations, which often become co-organizers of trade fairs that not only complement event’s quality content, but also promotes business and economic development thereby enhancing trust in both local and foreign companies.

BT 1 has several dozen agencies around the world, which are contributing to country-specific business tourist flow to Riga. One trade fair brings together around 1000-3500 business tourists and that has a large impact on economic development.

"Our team is large and cohesive and only together we can build up a high-quality event. Our team includes professionals from different fields. They are experienced, able to respond quickly to a variety of situations and ready to take responsibility. The BT 1 team values an individual approach to each client. Our company and its employees are constantly evolving to provide the best service," Mr Tīle tells.