Outdoor Riga 2024 has treasures for all the fans of big fish fishing!

How to catch a trophy pike? Pike perch? Carp or catfish? Outdoor Riga 2024 at Ķīpsala Expo Centre from 5th to 7th of April will give you the answers to these and many other questions from the Open stage during numerous exciting events for fishers. Conversations with the best Latvian fishing guides, sports fishing champions and professionals, and also world championship runner-up. Guests from Finland for the first time ever!

Outdoor Riga 2024 Open stage will focus on current fishing trends around the world. Trophy fishing for predatory fish like large pike, pike perch, perch, salmon, brown trout and catfish is still at the peak of popularity. There is a growing community of fishermen who not only want but also know how to catch them. Technologies, naturally, also play enormous role in how recreational and competitive fishing evolves.

“Conversations with seasoned fishermen will focus around their favourite trends for boats, views on trophy fishing, whether feeder fishing is growing in popularity along with fishing of non-predatory fish,” Gunārs Klēģers, producer of the Open stage, writer for the “Copes lietas” (Fishing tricks) magazine who also admits to life-time obsession with fishing, says.

Trophy fishing and fishermen’s preferences
On 6 April, at 11:00, we offer you a conversation with men who spend a couple of hundred hours on and around water every year. Fishing guides Normunds Ikomass, Kaspars Holms, Uģis Circenis and Gunārs Klēģers will talk about trophy fish population and fishermen’s preferences. Come to the Open stage to find out how trophy fishing has changed, what are the fishermen’s expectations and what underwater predators think. Is their population growing stronger, weaker, more cautious?

Spinnerbait masterclass
For the first time in the history of Outdoor Riga Open stage, there will be representatives of the Finnish predatory fish fishing community. Three lure experts and participants of international competitions from Finland, led by Marko Palkeinen and Fin Custom Lures, will take the stage to share their thoughts on Finnish predatory fish fishing trends and also showcase on of their more recent masterpiece, the spinnerbait. Spinnerbait masterclass will take place on Saturday, at 14:00. The working language is English (with interpretation).

Fishing catfish
Catfish is the largest freshwater fish in Latvia. Fishing for this giant fish is becoming more popular in Latvia. On 7 April, at 11:00, the main stage will be handed over to founder and CEO of Eholotes.eu Mārtiņš Balodis and his masterclass “Catching catfish: from clock to LIVE”. Conversation between Mārtiņš Balodis and Gunārs Klēģers will focus on avid fisherman’s choice of gear and techniques, catfish behaviour traits and fishing tactics. Both new and experienced fishermen will benefit from knowledge shared.

Feeder fishing
This is another debut on the Open stage of Outdoor Riga. 2023 World Championships runner-up in feeder fishing Krišjānis Lisovskis will take the stage on 7 April at 12:00 to give his feeder masterclass about gear, feed and tactics. It is a unique opportunity to join one of the most knowledgeable and experienced experts in the field and pick apart technical details and feeder fishing tactics. Tips and hacks for both seasoned and less experienced crowd.

Giant Carp
Carp fishing is on trend as always. World Junior and Female Carp Fishing Championships will take place in Latvia this year, which only proves the point. Carp fishing keeps growing in popularity. However, catching the big ones is something only few achieve. On 7 April, at 14:00, Open stage will offer a masterclass “How to catch a giant carp or what professional fishermen will never tell?”. NGT-sponsored professional Aigars Zumbergs and Ričards Milašs from Latvian National Carp Fishing Team, Captain of the Latvian National Carp Fishing Youth Team, will share professional tips and tricks that recreational fishermen can also use.

Amphibious bike story

On Saturday, 6 March, trade show will have a special guest, the inventor of BeTriton amphibious bike Aigars Lauzis. Aigars spent four years cycling across the 30,000 kilometre route from London to Tokyo. During his temporary stops between 2013 and 2017, he worked as a designer in Istanbul, Dubai, Singapore and Shanghai. This journey inspired him to build the amphibious bike for alternative, sustainable and exciting way to travel. If you want to learn more about this project, come to conversation moderated by Gunārs Klēģers on the Open stage at 13:00.

Everything you need for outdoor activities at Outdoor Riga 2024

As announced earlier, the international outdoor sports and leisure trade show Outdoor Riga 2024 will take place at the Ķīpsala Expo Centre from 5th to 7th of April this year. Everyone will find what they need at one of its sections: Bikes and Cycling, Hunting and Fishing, and Baltic Boat Show. All adventure seekers, nature lovers or outdoor enthusiasts will be able to find what they need here. More at: www.OutdoorRiga.com

Trade show is organised by BT 1 International Expo Company.

Opening hours:
5 – 6 April: 10:00–18:00
7 April: 10:00–17:00

Entrance fees:
Children under 7: free
Students, pupils, senior, disabled: €5
Adults: €6
Family ticket (2 adults +1 child under 18): €15
*+ €2 for every next child
Ticket presales for cheaper prices: www.bt1.lv/outdoor/buytickets.php

Parking: €5