Riga Food 2024: the right recipe for business success!

On 5-7 September, Ķīpsala International Expo Centre will host Riga Food 2024, the most important food industry event in the Baltics. It will feature large displays from international and local companies, food and cooking competitions, new product launches, educational seminars, and an international networking event to promote cooperation.

Riga Food is an internationally recognised trade fair with broad coverage in the media that offers multi-faceted exhibition spaces and attracts huge interest among food industry experts. Participation in Riga Food generates visibility for the companies. It is an excellent platform for showcasing products and launching them on the market. Business networking, new business deals and new sales opportunities are also part of Riga Food.

400 food and beverage manufacturing and processing companies from at least 30 countries are expected to present their innovations, technologies and most recent products at Ķīpsala.

Grow your business with B2B Marketplace
Every participant of Riga Food will get a chance to create their profile for the B2B Marketplace and arrange face-to-face meetings to reach out to new customers, business partners and new markets during the fair. B2B Marketplace is an international vehicle that enables companies meet other producers, service providers and suppliers from the food industry. It focuses on current trends in the industry, with insights into technologi-cal advances and the latest products. Online meetings will take place through the B2BMatch system, while face-to-face meetings will be arranged in the B2B Marketplace zone. More than 400 companies from all over the world, as well as 20 thousand guests, of which almost 50% are food industry professionals, come to Riga Food every year. B2B Marketplace initiative is organised by the Latvian Technology Centre and the Enterprise Europe Network in Latvia (EEN).

Best Latvian regional foods
Each region of Latvia has its own special story, culinary heritage, gastronomic features and artisanal delica-cies, and Riga Food 2024 will be the place to try them all this September. Small and medium size enterprises and artisanal producers from various regions of Latvia will present their foods and culinary heritage at the sections highlighting the regions of Latvia.

Food industry innovations
The fair is a place where you can discover the latest innovations in the food industry. The innovation stands of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will offer most recent products, technologies and solutions developed by businesses and researchers. Companies and artisanal producers often choose Riga Food for launch of their new food products. You can taste and decide which trends will influence the development of these products in future.

Best tastes in the Baltics
The second ever prestigious food competition The Baltic Taste Award will be held during the Riga Food 2024 to highlight the best food products from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Entries from food producers will be judged by impartial jury. As for consumers, competition will be a great way to learn about the best and tastiest products on the market. The aim of the competition is to highlight the best food products in terms of quality, as well as promote them internationally and thus give producers greater exposure and visibility for their products, more publicity and market opportunities. The overall effect of the competition will be better quality of food products. Entries will be evaluated by an international jury. Competition medals will serve as assurance of highest quality, which is important to convince catering companies to rely on professional evaluation and include these products, which offer exceptional quality, in their menus. Baltic Taste Award 2024 will be announced in March of 2024. Competition The Baltic Taste Award is co-organised by Chefs’ Club and International Expo Company BT-1.
Learn more about the Baltic Taste Award 2023 at https://ej.uz/13ho.

Diverse event programme
This year we are bringing even broader and more diverse programme: Zero Waste Challenge Baltic school team competition, chef and apprentice level competitions, cocktail and cake competitions, Grill Park, “Hospitality Star” and many other events.

One of the traditional events of Riga Food is national chefs’ competition. Chefs from all over Latvia will gather at Ķīpsala Expo Centre to display their skills and compete for the title of the Best Latvian Chef and Best Latvian Apprentice Chef. Zero Waste Challenge is another competition of Riga Food trade fair. Teams from Baltic vocational education and training establishments will bring their up-and-coming chefs to compete for the title of best chef in terms of least food waste and industry food waste standards.
A Grill Park that will operate at the entrance into Ķīpsala Expo Centre throughout the three days of the fair will fill the air with tasty smell of grill food. Grill Park will also showcase grilling technologies, offering access to all kinds of equipment and an opportunity to buy desired products, including grills of all types, grill tongs and even smart charcoal. Official opening of Riga Food 2024 will take place on 5 September at 11:00, venue – the Main Stage of Riga Food.

Look back at Riga Food 2023

423 companies from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Armenia, Belgium, China, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Finland, Turkey, Sweden, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, France, India, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Canada, Slovenia and Denmark came to Riga Food 2023 to showcase their products and services, with the total number of participating countries reaching 30. 77 % of participants represented manufacturing sector, 13 % represented wholesale and retail sectors, while 5% were service providers and remaining 5% came from other affiliated sectors. 9 countries – Latvia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Georgia, Canada and Moldova – entered the trade fair with their national stands.
Over the three days of exhibition, Riga Food 2023 was visited by 21,381 visitors, of which 35 % were professionals and experts from the total of 37 different countries. Supermarket chains from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark were widely represented at the fair, so as many other international wholesale suppliers. Survey of professional visitors showed that their primary interest was access to information, new partnerships and new sales deals and orders.
Additional details on participants available here: https://ej.uz/x3o9

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If you work in the food industry, biggest food industry event in the Baltics, Riga Food 2024, is the right choice for you. Join other participants of Riga Food 2024 and your business will grow and reach its goals. To find out more about the best options for your exhibiting company and agree on the best deals, please contact the Director of Riga Food Rolands Nežborts (phone: +371 2912 7662, e-mail: rolands.nezborts@bt1.lv)

Riga Food is organised by BT 1 International Expo Company.

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Opening hours:
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