Keep your finger on the pulse! Highlights of conferences, seminars of the Medbaltica 2023 trade fair

Coming soon – on 21 and 22 September, Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre will open its doors to medical professionals, who will learn about the latest developments and discuss topical issues at the conferences and seminars of the Medbaltica 2023 trade fair.

This year, the fair will host more than 15 professional events – conferences, sessions and seminars, where international experts are also invited to share their experience.

On sex, addiction and obscure deaths

For the first time at Medbaltica, the Conference of the Latvian Association of Rural Family Doctors will take place on 21 September. The theme of the conference is: “Contemporary challenges in primary healthcare – sex, addiction, uncertain deaths. We are looking for answers!” The participants of the conference, together with specialists of Riga Psychiatry and Narcology Centre – psychiatrist Dr. med. Liene Sīle and addiction specialist Mārtiņš Ennītis, as well as the Director of the Department of Forensic Medical Examinations of the State Centre for Forensic Medical Examination, Senior Forensic Medical Expert, Latvian Delegate to the European Council of Legal Medicine, Dr. med. Jolanta Vamze-Liepiņa, will seek answers to questions that general practitioners find important. 

On the future of nurses

On 21 September, the Latvian Nurses Association invites visitors to an on-site conference “The Future of Our Nurses”, where, among others, colleagues from Estonia, Lithuania, Norway and Israel are invited to share their experience. The event will address issues related to the legal, professional, educational and personal aspects of the nursing profession. 

On heart health and topicalities of ophthalmology

The Latvian Medical Association (LMA) invites colleagues to two interdisciplinary conferences that will take place simultaneously with the Medbaltica 2023 exhibition: On 21 September, the conference “Cardiovascular Health”, and on 22 September, the conference “Current Developments in Ophthalmology” will take place. Andrejs Ērglis, cardiologist, President of the Latvian Society of Cardiology: “Our time is so dynamic and the amount of knowledge nowadays is so vast and changes so quickly that it is difficult for us as medics to keep track of it all. It is therefore very important that we can organise conferences, where experts in certain fields, who are also practising in other fields, give doctors the main essence, and, thus, this ideal exchange of knowledge takes place.” 

On internet technologies and artificial intelligence
Traditionally, on the first day of the fair, 21 September, Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre hosts the conference of the Healthcare Employers’ Association and the Latvian Hospital Association “Digitalisation – opportunities to develop and work more efficiently in healthcare. Are we making good use of it? What are we doing and what are the opportunities?”, which will bring healthcare leaders together. The participants of the conference will discuss the role of digital internet technologies and artificial intelligence in healthcare.

On rehabilitation and psychiatry
On 21 September, Medbaltica 2023 will also host a meeting of the Latvian Association of Medical Rehabilitation “Co-operation between Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Physicians and Psychiatrists in the Context of Latvia”, which will touch upon very topical and important issues for rehabilitation physicians, psychiatrists, as well as other specialists. 

On women’s health with ageing
On 21 September, the Latvian Association of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians invites you to visit an interdisciplinary meeting “How a Woman Can Increase the Number of Years Lived Healthy”. The meeting will be attended by representatives of different specialities, including endocrinologist, Professor Ilze Konrāde , who will talk about the endocrinological aspects of ageing, neurologist Dr. med. Viktorija Ķēniņa – who will elaborate on neurocognitive changes in middle age, while gynaecologist Dr. Ieva Briedīte – will talk about the quality of a woman’s sex life in middle age. 

On pain and physiotherapy

At the Clinical Conference of Physiotherapists’ Association, which will take place on 22 September in Ķīpsala, physiotherapists will discuss pain – acute and chronic pain, as well as pain in palliative care, and explore physiotherapy options and treatment approaches for pain relief. The conference will combine reports of Latvian and international experts with practical cases from the clinical environment of physiotherapy. 

On antibiotics
On 22 September, the Pharmacists’ Society of Latvia invites professionals to the conference “Antibiotics – in the context of science, medicine and pharmaceutical care”. For the first time in the history of the conferences of the society, the pharmacists will address veterinary issues. 

On swallowing disorders
The Latvian Association of Diet and Nutrition Specialists invites the stakeholders to a conference dealing with various aspects of dysphagia and its treatment on 22 September. 

On dental health and oral hygiene in three conferences
On both days of the exhibition – 21 and 22 September, the conferences of the Latvian Dental Association will be held in Ķīpsala. On the first day, there will be updates from manufacturers on filling materials, ergonomics, preventive measures and, if dentists wish, information on insurance for dentists. Meanwhile, on the second day, the topics of family dentistry and orthodontics will be discussed, as well as, in cooperation with the Children’s Department of the Institute of Dentistry of Riga Stradiņš University, children’s dentistry issues will be addressed. 

On 21 September, the Latvian Association of Dental Hygienists and the Latvian Association of Dental Assistants, which is organising the conference on 22 September, also invite you to update and refresh your knowledge at their conferences. 

But this is not all! As you know, an external automatic defibrillator will be mandatory in public spaces as of 2024; therefore, on 21 September at 16.00, the company Remedine, in cooperation with the Red Cross, will hold a lecture “External automatic defibrillator – a real necessity or a fashion item?”. Altex, on 21 September at 13.00, shall offer the perspective of a physiotherapist on how to correctly use ergonomic chairs to improve your daily life, and, at 17.00, a lecture on dental handpieces and care for them will be held.

Application for conferences: on the websites of professional societies and associations.
See the full programme of events here: www.bt1.lv/medbaltica/visit.php#events


Simultaneously with the conferences, the visitors of Medbaltica 2023 will have an opportunity to attend an exhibition of a wide range of dental, surgical, orthopaedic, rehabilitation, ophthalmic, pharmaceutical and other medical technologies, equipment, materials and services offered by companies from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czechia, China, Italy, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary and Sweden.

Tradeshow Medbaltica is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.
For more information, visit: www.medbaltica.com 

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21 September 09.00–19.00
22 September 09.00–19.00

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