Discover the latest Baltic business tech news at RIGA COMM 2022

The 11th RIGA COMM Baltic business tech fair and conference event will come to Riga on 6 and 7 October, presenting a rich conference programme, and an exhibition full of technologies. Every year, the event brings together business and tech professionals so that they can learn, network, and find or offer the best-suited digital solutions.

‘Though we can assume at this point that we’ve entered a period of post-pandemic recovery, organisations have had to rapidly digitise and implement distance working. This has naturally stimulated the demand for digital tools, solutions, and services, and the fair, and its nine conferences covering different topics are a place to discover these all in one place. It is also a chance to find tech partners for improving your organisation’s business, marketing, sales, customer service, human resources, production and other processes,’ Andris Breške, RIGA COMM project manager, explained.

Cyber security is a business priority
As the use of tech spreads among businesses, so does the number of digital attacks. Cybersecurity is becoming a top priority for every company, and has earned a place as a new item among the conferences of RIGA COMM 2022. At the Cyber Security Conference, professionals will find out how to identify cybersecurity risks, to implement risk management strategies early, and discover the best tools and solutions for preventing incidents.

Decentralised Web3 management
Technological solutions change along with the way we use tech. Currently, one of the most discussed topics in this area is the decentralised management of Web3 based on the blockchain, in which the user gains control over the content they create online, and beyond. At the Web3 conference, you will find out about what digital infrastructure solutions the Web3 community has already developed, and what projects have started in the Baltics.

Convenient and advanced technologies for financial services
Financial tech also sees developments every year, as it is customised to the needs of various organisations, delivering ever more modern and accessible financial services for businesses and their clients. At the RIGA COMM FinTech conference, you will find out which of the latest financial tools and solutions are worth using, and how to use them. The conference is organised in conjunction with Wallester and the Finance Latvia Association.

Digital and social sales
Right now, it is specifically the behaviour and habits of consumers that define how retailers plan their online shop and e-commerce strategies. The latest trend involves buying online via mobile devices and providing the customer with a custom, personalised approach. To meet the growing expectations of online shoppers, one has to work on both digital sales channels and the appearance, functionality, availability, payment methods, and other features of online shops. The e-commerce conference will offer information about developing modern online shops, online marketing, marketplace and shoppable livestream platforms, about how to grow an online store in the United States, and the automation of customer service and other processes.

E-commerce goes hand in hand with digital marketing, and RIGA COMM will also include a digital marketing conference where experts will share their experience on how to use digital marketing tools even more effectively in the face of constant changes in e-mail, content, partner, mobile, and influencer marketing, and on various content and advertising platforms. There will also be tips on using website optimisation, analytics, and advertising to attract customers.

The influencer conference will be a useful choice for those interested in working with influencers, or who want to go into that business themselves. Influencers and opinion leaders in various niches and social media platforms will share their experience and advice, encouraging collaborations and looking at the advantages of social media.

Big opportunities in tech
For the fourth year in a row, RIGA COMM works with the Riga TechGirls community to host the Women in Tech conference, where women will encourage each other to start a career in technology, sharing their experience and career stories. In this year’s conference, we will arrange discussions on how to bring more women to technical and managerial positions in engineering fields, and how to create a cohesive and inclusive corporate culture.

Data analytics for business growth
Does your company invest in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data analytics solutions? Statistics show that these solutions offer the greatest value for growth-oriented companies. At the machine learning conference, which takes place in conjunction with Intelligent Machines Riga, industry professionals will offer insights into the potential of using data analytics and the corresponding solutions for better business growth.

Tech for efficiency in human resources
Work processes in organisations have to ramp up speed and build efficiency to satisfy the needs of modern consumers. That’s why smart technology solutions are becoming increasingly important in human resource management. You will learn about the latest and the best smart technologies for HR management, planning, internal communication, and other processes at the HR Tech conference.

RIGA COMM is the only annual business and IT industry fair and conference event in the Baltics where entrepreneurs, business process managers, representatives of municipal governments, and tech professionals meet to discuss current events and build partnerships.

In addition to the conferences, RIGA COMM will offer a large exhibition area with more than 80 companies from nine countries, demonstrating their products and services, and the latest news in business tech.

Find out more at www.rigacomm.com

The BT 1 International Exhibition Company organises the event in conjunction with its partners: Wallester, Intelligent Machines Riga, Riga TechGirls, Finance Latvia Association, LCCI, and others.

Tickets are available online, and will be sold on-site during the event. The ticket price will rise as the event approaches.

Event hours:
6 October, 10:00–17:00
7 October, 10:00–16:30

Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre, Riga (at Ķīpsalas iela 8, Riga)

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