Do you have red hair? Then visit the Redhead Festival at Baltic Beauty 2021

On 12 December, Baltic Beauty 2021 will light up in bright orange, as the fair will host a Redhead Festival, the first of its kind in Latvia. The fair will bring together people with red hair, beards and freckles, as well as those who particularly like bright orange and fiery red colours. Join us, find out what’s new, and discover cosmetics products for red hair and beard care!

"Although people with red hair aren’t too common in our region, we definitely won’t ignore them at the fair. This year, we’re setting up a Redhead Festival, inviting everyone to bring their positive and “orange” attitude, learn a lot of important things about how to care for red hair, as well as participate in contests and get prizes," revealed the manager of the World of Beautiful Hair hall at Baltic Beauty, Irina Jevsejeva, who is also proud of the red colour of her hair.

Hair care advice
At 12:00 on 12 December, a number of beauty brands will present hair products for people with red hair. Typically, people with red hair use products intended for dyed hair; however, specialists recommend using special formulations that not only help preserve the intensity of the red colour, but also keep the hair healthy and shiny. Red hair also tends to be thick, curly and difficult to handle, which is why the fair will offer valuable information about hair care, dyeing hair, and about the possibility of restoring the red colour of your hair.

History and photo session

Today, we admire people with red hair, but did you know that in Ancient Egypt they were thought to have mystical powers and an uncontrollable temperament, and were persecuted because of it? The event will also take care of a few stereotypes! At 13:00, all red-haired participants of the festival will be invited for a photo session together on the big stage, also registering the number of these participants.

Exciting contests and valuable prizes
The festival will include many exciting contests, to demonstrate how unique their participants are. There will also be a contest for people with long red hair; a contest to determine the youngest, oldest and the most brightly coloured participant of the Redhead Festival; a contest for the largest number of freckles; a contest to find the most fiery-red beard, and a contest to discover the Festival’s most striking couple and family.

No specific restrictions or criteria are set for participating in the Redhead Festival, and everyone is invited, including people with red and blonde hair. Registration for the Festival will take place at the Baltic Beauty 2021 fair, on 12 December, at 11:00–12:00.

The Baltics’ most anticipated beauty festival
On 10–12 December, Baltic Beauty 2021, the most anticipated beauty fair in the Baltics, will take place after a year-long hiatus, offering various consumer and professional beauty products and services, presented by more than 200 participants from 7 countries. In addition to its World of Beautiful Hair and World of Beautiful Face and Body exhibitions, Baltic Beauty 2021 will also host a separate section on jewellery.
This year, the fair’s guests will not only discover what’s new in the beauty industry and get advice from various specialists, but also buy jewellery they like, as well as special Winter Holiday presents for their loved ones.

Epidemiological safety measures at the fair
As the national state of emergency remains in place between 15 November 2021 and 11 January 2022, trade fairs in Latvia may take place in accordance with the requirements of Cabinet Regulation No. 720 of 9 October 2021, i.e. in an epidemiologically safe environment (green mode). Baltic Beauty 2021 will also be in green mode, making sure that:
• at least 15 m² of indoor space is provided per person;
• the width of the aisles between the fair’s booths is at least 3 m;
• the guests keep a distance of 2 m from each other.
Unlike cultural events, Baltic Beauty 2021 is not subject to any visitor number restrictions (>500), and the fair will continue to be open during the weekend.

Fair opening hours:

10–11 December, 11:00–20:00
12 December, 11:00–19:00

The fair is organised by the BT 1 international exhibition company.

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Entry ticket: € 5
For pensioners, students, people with disabilities, € 3
You can also buy tickets online: www.bt1.lv/bb/buytickets.php