Baltic Beauty 2021 trade fair in December: a beauty festival in green mode!

On 10–12 December, after a year-long break, the most anticipated beauty industry fair in the Baltics, Baltic Beauty 2021, will take place at the Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre. In order for its participants and visitors to enjoy safe and full use of all the opportunities offered by the fair, Baltic Beauty 2021 will take place in green mode.

Epidemiological safety regulations define a green space as a space that only contains individuals who are vaccinated against COVID-19, or who have contracted the disease and recovered from it in the last six months. This mode best approximates the pre-pandemic conditions: none of the fair’s participants or visitors will have to wear face masks or follow distancing rules. There will also be no limit on the number of visitors and the duration of the event.

Organising Baltic Beauty 2021 in accordance with green mode requirements will make us fully capable of conducting beauty contests, cosmetic procedures and make-up master classes and demonstrations, as well as presentations of beauty products, procedures and services.

The fair’s participants will be able to use all the opportunities of the fair, with unrestricted face-to-face communication, individual work with clients, offering demonstrations and consultations, finding new clients and promoting their businesses, and arranging and participating in conferences, workshops and master classes, while visitors will be free to try, test, smell, apply and choose all the cosmetics and procedures they like, to join master classes, and to seek inspiration in competitions.

The requirement for participation is a valid COVID-19 certificate
Representatives of companies from the countries whose COVID-19 certificates are recognised by the European Union are allowed to participate in international fairs held in Latvia. For more information about the advantages and conditions for participation and visiting the fair in green mode, see: www.bt1.lv/bb/visit.php

Baltic Beauty is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. For more information, visit: www.bt1.lv/lbf

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