BT 1 goes on with business exhibitions!

On 9 June, the Cabinet approved the regulations on “Epidemiological Safety Measures to Restrict the Spread of Covid-19”, which, as of 10 June, allows business exhibitions to be organised following the specified safety measures.

“Today, reinstating economic activity has never been more important! Direct communication has a huge power in business; it opens the door to new business, contacts, ideas and cooperation. Resuming business exhibitions will kick-start business. In view of the capacity and security measures put in place, we are able to organise safe exhibitions," tells Viesturs Tīle, Chairman of the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

The Cabinet Regulations on "Epidemiological Safety and Counter-Epidemic Measures to Restrict the Spread of COVID-19" include provisions regulating the regional, national or international exhibitions, aimed at promoting culture, business development, marketing, lifestyle and innovation.

The Cabinet Regulation provides that no more than 50% of the maximum total capacity of premises and infrastructure shall be allowed in the exhibition grounds at the same time. The area of Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre (14 000 m²) allows to ensure safe movement of visitors in compliance with the physical distancing rule and epidemiological safety requirements. The exhibitions will have at least 3 metres wide aisles between the rows of stands, entirely separate visitor entrances and exits. There will be no more than one visitor per 4 m² of the publicly accessible space in the halls allowed at the same time and information on the maximum number of people will be publicly available. The exhibition centre provides regular cleaning and disinfection of premises, hand sanitisers. Avoid Crowds warning signs and 2m physical distancing floor stickers are deployed throughout the exhibition grounds. Find out more information on safety measures: http://bt1.lv/drosibaspasakumi

“Business exhibitions are a valuable platform for showcasing new and innovative products, as well as getting to know potential customers and partners. In addition to the sectors they serve, the exhibitions contribute to regional development; generate revenue for the travel and tourism industry, as well as for hotels, restaurants, retail and the transport sector. Business exhibitions can help many companies get out of the crisis faster,” explains Līga Meņģelsone, Director General of the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia.

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