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Powder blens "+healthy week"

This unique Healthy week box has been developed for people who want to eat as many as 38 different fruits and vegetables per week. Each individual fruit and vegetable is beneficial to your body in various ways, just because of its unique set of trace elements and antioxidants. These are great combinations of fruits and vegetables with just the right amount of natural sweetness, all the fiber, nutrients and nothing else. No added sugar, no preservatives, just fruits and vegetables.
Kategorija: Piens un piena produkti (t. sk. kazas un aitas piena produkti)
Produkta receptes radītājs un radīšanas gads: Paulina Gruodienė 2023
Izcelsme: +healthy week box was created in Lithuania. Fruttberry products and some of their ingredients are made in Lithuania. Most of the ingredients are sourced from wholesale food companies in the EU which, with their vast resources, ensures high-quality raw materials.
Meistars: Paulina Gruodienė
Produkts pieejams: www.fruttberry.com
Vidējā cena: 21,80 EUR