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Smūtiji "Sume"

Sume smoothie mixes – innovative frozen berry-fruit-vegetable-herb mixes- add 150 ml hot water and enjoy! Real berries from Nordic forests, fields and farms -No added sugars -Only natural ingredients - Without lactose and gluten - One pack of mix gives 400 ml fresh, delicious smoothie - No food losses- certain portions ensure that fruits are not discarded - Certain quality and taste- thanks to a recipe, that has been worked out and tested, it has a definite taste and it is the same every time.
Product category: Berry, fruit, and vegetable products
Author of the product recipe and its year of creation: Kadi Hīe (Kadi Hiie), Kaie Ilmjerva (Kaie Ilmjärv), 2018
Short story about the origin of the product: It all started from our bakery in Saaremaa, Estonia, where we wanted to offer truly natural, healthy and delicious smoothie. Raw materjal went bad and there weren´t any product, where is no sugar- everywhere you needed to add juice, which gives the taste. Our aim was to produce something, which is innovative, easy and quick to make, insainly delicious and healthy. First, we made it to our own cafe, but while we developed the smoothie receipe, with hot water, we knew, there are a lot other companies with the same issues also. And this is how it started.
Foreman: Kadi Hīe (Kadi Hiie)
Product available: Currently in Estonian market, all over Estonia, about 300 shops+ restaurants, cafes and hotels.
Average price of the product: 2,70 customer price in retail