Informative veterinary point in cooperation with Zaiga Vet and SIA KRKA Latvija

The participants of the exhibition will have a great opportunity to meet veterinarian Zaiga Judeiķi - Osi (SIA "Zaiga Vet") and get important information about caring for your pet, antiparasitic treatment and other animal health matters of interest to you.

Participants will have the opportunity to get a professional and comprehensive consultation from a certified veterinarian about the health of their pet. The greatest emphasis will be placed on the choice of antiparasitic agents, their correctness and frequency of use. The veterinarian will help you choose the most suitable antiparasitic drug based on the lifestyle of the pet and the owner.
More information about the products, as well as a 10% discount on KRKA products for the whole of March with the code "PETEXPO". Use the QR code.

SIA KRKA Latvija is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies of patent-free drugs. Krka Latvia offers a wide portfolio of prescription, non-prescription and veterinary products. Quality, safety and efficiency - these are the main priorities offered by Krka.

SIA "Zaiga Vet" provides high-quality and advanced animal treatment. With our work, we demonstrate trust and love for your pets.

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