Smart 4 Dog: for modern hunting dog training

At "PetExpo 2024", Smart 4 Dog will present hunting dog training equipment: "Original Clone Dead Bird Dummy" from English manufacturers "Dog & Field" and high-quality "ACME Whistles" dog whistles for modern and exciting hunting dog training.

The “Dead Bird Dummy” bridges the dog’s experience gap between dummy training and natural hunting. Training dogs to handle more realistic dummies prepares them for tougher, hands-on work on hunting days. The size, shape and weight of the bodies of the exquisite bird dummies closely mimic real birds. The high-quality canvas print with real feather patterns improves visibility when marking and the realistic mock-up appeal makes training the dog easier. The dummies can be used statically when training a dog to search, or can be thrown or launched with triggers when training a dog to retrieve game from the water.

The “Dead Bird Dummy” also helps train your dog’s sense of smell and touch. When attaching the dummy to a hunting bag or training vest, familiar scents are transferred, which help the dog to get to know the game. The "Dead Bird Dummy" allows the dog to practice in a stimulus-free environment to overcome problems with correctly picking up, carrying and returning game. Testing the product revealed that the dogs had to think about the position of the mouth and quickly overcame the problems of flapping wings and head or tail feathers tend to create when hunting.

The range of "Original Clone Dead Bird Dummy" dummies includes: pheasant, partridge, grouse, wood duck, jackdaw, monkey, dove, goose. Also on offer are artificial scents of pheasant, duck, grouse or hare, which when sprayed on the mannequin brings the training process even closer to the natural environment.

“ACME Dog Whistles” from “ACME Specialist Whistles” have been among the most recognized dog whistles in the world for many years. At the "PetExpo 2024" exhibition, you will be able to get acquainted with the elegant and tested "ACME Silent Dog Whistle" and the new "Alpha" whistle.

The elegant Acme Silent Dog Whistle is reliable and versatile. The whistle is adjustable in a wide range of frequencies using a screw piston mechanism that allows you to tune it according to your dog.

On the other hand, the patented sound chambers of the new "Alpha" dog whistle offers a more efficient use of air. A brighter sound makes for a better command and a more responsive hunting dog at both close and long range. These all-new designs are easy to blow and therefore allow for greater flexibility and allow for easy changes in whistling style and command selection.

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