"Mobec": complete meaty foods from "PrimeDog"

PrimaDog’s mission is to ensure that dogs enjoy a happy and healthy life by offering dogs a diet that fulfills their natural nutritional needs. Products are based on latest scientific research and know-how.

Because your dog needs meat not wheat!

Meat is the main essential ingredient within a dog’s diet. Therefore, meat is always the main ingredient in this food. We want your dog to have the very best opportunity for a long and healthy life. Therefore, "PrimaDog" don’t use any wheat, soya or artificial flavour or colour enhancers in this food. As dog lovers themselves they only produce products that they would serve their own dogs.

Every dog deserves to be treated well!

Mobec carry a responsibility on this important matter by donating from their charity fund to solely help homeless and underprivileged dogs in Europe. Therefore, when you buy a PrimaDog product you will also contribute to animal welfare as 1 % of company’s profit is donated to animal charity.

Mobec is one of the main FMCG wholesale and distribution companies in Estonia and official distributior for PrimaDog /PrimaCat products in Baltic States.

Find out more: www.mobec.ee or www.prima.dog