Almo Nature - complete and balanced food for your cat and/or dog with added value!

At the "PetExpo 2024" Almo Nature stand, they will offer the highest quality Italian brand food suitable for cats and dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. Profesionals will advise and help you choose the most suitable food for your pet, offering it to visitors of the exhibition at a special price .

Almo Nature is an activist brand 100% owned by the Capellino Foundation, a foundation that cares for our planet through various projects to protect and preserve biodiversity. Foundation Capellino - a non-profit commercial organization whose goal is to protect the biosphere and especially biodiversity.
Almo Nature is not just food for your pet. It is a way of life, responsibility, caring for the environment and providing support to those pets who are still waiting for their Human! By purchasing Almo Nature for your cat or dog, you are helping to care for and protect our planet and its inhabitants.
Excellent quality food for your pet in different price ranges! Products that do not contain chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT), artificial flavors and color additives, as well as GMOs (genetically modified organisms).
Daily – budget class (economical level) wet feed with at least 55% meat/fish. Complete and balanced daily food for your cat and/or dog.
Holistic – complete dry food with fresh meat or fish as the main ingredient, which is ideal for daily feeding of cats and dogs of all ages, thanks to balanced nutritional recipes and high-quality ingredients.
Holistic Functional – complete dry and wet food for cats of different breeds and ages with special needs:

STERILISED - for sterilized/neutered cats.

ANTI HAIRBALL - for the elimination of swallowed fur in cats.

DIGESTIVE HELP - for cats with a sensitive digestive system.

URINARY HELP - for cats to maintain urinary tract health.

Bio Organic – wet food for cats and dogs made from ingredients of agricultural origin, 100% obtained from organic farms, in accordance with EU regulations. MONOPROTEIN feed is also available in the offer.
HFC – super premium food from ingredients originally intended for human consumption. The main ingredient is always fresh meat/fish. Meat/fish % up to 98.5% (HFC Natural Plus). A wide range of MONOPROTEIN feed!
Cat Litter – natural and environmentally friendly sand for the cat toilet. Soft or Grainy textures available! After trying this sand, your cat will never want to use other litter again.

"LV INVESTĪCIJU GRUPA" SIA company is the official distributor of Almo Nature, which offers the Italian brand "Almo Nature" food for dogs and cats on the Latvian market. We offer to buy products online, as well as in pet stores, veterinary pharmacies, and stores.
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