Dogs, cats and even spiders at the fluffiest spring fair in Ķīpsala this week – PetExpo 2023!

This week, on 11 and 12 March, dogs, cats, rabbits, chinchillas, spiders and other pets will delight visitors both young and old at PetExpo 2023, the fluffiest spring fair. There will also be exciting demonstrations and shows, pony rides and activities for children!

Dog beauty contests
A total of 3500 dogs from Latvia and abroad will compete for prestigious titles on both days of the International Dog Show. These will include well-known breeds such as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, French Bulldog, etc., as well as many unseen hunting breeds and rarities: German Spaniel, Braque d’Auvergne and Braque du Bourbonnais Bird Hunting dogs, Toy Fox Terriers, Tenterfield Terrier and Continental Bulldog. See the list of rings:

The beautiful and noble cats
There will also be plenty to see for cat lovers – more than 400 magnificent pets will be competing for victory! The most widely represented will be the Maine Coon cats. If you are interested in this particular breed, keep an eye out for the Speciality Show on Saturday, 11 March, at 12:30. But there will also be rarities: the beautiful, elegant and sociable Sacred Cats of Burma, the pitch black Bombay cats with copper/gold eyes and the big, powerful Ragdolls with four different coat patterns.

Wide entertainment program
Alongside the dog and cat beauty contests, visitors will also be able to watch exciting demonstrations during both days. Four-legged family pets, dogs, will demonstrate their obedience and agility in displays of agile moves, dancing and breed performance. In addition, for the first time, the dogs will also demonstrate a new sport – nosework (scent recognition). Meanwhile, the beautiful purring cats will show off their fur in the black cat “FUN” show, several specialised shows and even the tortoiseshell-toned cat ladies’ show! Follow the schedule at:

To each their own pet
It’s no secret that many people have chosen a chinchilla, a tortoise or even a reptile as their pet in recent years! Therefore, at Ķīpsala you will be able to see these animals and find out everything about their proper care. Come and learn all about exotic pets!

Ponies, rabbits and birds – for the children’s enjoyment!
We have also thought about the youngest guests of the show, who, after petting the fluffy rabbits and ponies and taking a look at the small rodents and birds, will be able to enjoy various amusements alone or with their parents. The bravest will get the chance to take a ride on one of the ponies of the Mežezeri equestrian club!

Everything for spoiling your pet
At PetExpo 2023, at the zoo industry goods and services exposition, you will be able to buy dog and cat food, treats and vitamins, as well as toys and accessories. Treat your pet! You will also be able to get professional advice on choosing animal feed and genetic testing. And if you are planning to buy a dog, take the opportunity to get advice on different dog breeds! 12 dog clubs will be represented at Ķīpsala.

The fair is organised by the Latvian Canine Federation (LKF) and the Latvian Felinology Association Felimurs and the BT 1 International Exhibition Company.

Supported by DinoZoo, Josera and Annels group of companies.
Partner: Investment and Development Agency of Latvia

Follow the news of the fair:

Venue and time of the event:
Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre
11 and 12 March, 10:00–18:00

If you wish to come to the show with a dog that is not participating in the show, you will have to present your dog’s veterinary card and go through a veterinary check at Gate 11 of the Exhibition Centre before buying your tickets.

Ticket prices:
Children under 4, free of charge!
Children, 5 to 18: EUR 3.50
University students, seniors, people with disabilities: EUR 4.50
Other adults: EUR 5.50
Family ticket: EUR 14
Pre-sale tickets cheaper online here.

Parking: EUR 4
Inflatable attractions at no extra charge!

A free parking space will be provided for visitors to the Olimpia shopping mall.