Genetic DNA tests for your loved ones

Genetic DNA tests for dogs and cats, both for congenital and inherited diseases, and phenotypic DNA tests for predicting coat color and other traits. Discounts will be available for visitors to the exhibition.

For your convenience, this time at the exhibition it will be possible not only to find out the interesting information about genetic tests and our offer, but also to give samples for faster testing. The customer needs to purchase the desired DNA test in our e-shop, and we will prepare everything for sample collection. When you come to the VetGen stand, you will be able to fill out the documentation, give the samples, and we will give it to the laboratory for testing already on Monday.

VetGen is a brand of genetics laboratory GenEra for veterinary DNA testing services.

SIA "GenEra" is a medically accredited laboratory according to ISO requirements, specializing in the field of molecular genetics or DNA testing for more than 21 years.

Our mission is to help improve the quality of life with the knowledge provided by genetic information.