Get to know exotic animals with SPIDERZONE.LV

Exhibition visitors will be offered to buy exotic animals: Tarantulas (bird spiders), Bearded dragons (agamas), scorpions, etc. reptiles. Live food for reptiles (Dubias, zoophobas, red runners, crickets) will also be available for purchase. You can also buy what you need for exotic animals: minerals, vitamins, dry food, as well as all the necessary equipment for their maintenance (terrariums, lighting, bedding, decorations, climate control, equipment for feeding)
Will be offered:
• Exotic animals;
• Sets (terrarium + inventory);
• Care and maintenance inventory.

Visitors will be shown our private collection, which includes royal pythons of various colors, corn snakes, bearded dragons (agamas), tarantulas.

We offer to buy:
• Exotic animals: Bird spiders (various species), bearded dragons, scorpions and other reptiles.
• Equipment: glass and plastic terrariums (in various sizes), lighting, bedding, decorations, climate control equipment, equipment for feeding.
• For reptiles: minerals, vitamins, dry food.
• Live food: Dubias, zoophobas, red runners, crickets.
•Complects: an animal in a decorated terrarium with decorations.
• Gift cards is offering to buy exotic animals, their inventory and food for reptiles/invertebrates. Also, the experienced team of provides the necessary information on how to care for and feed the exotic pets.