How about trying something innovative in nano size, but safe for everyday use?

At the exhibition Medbaltica 2022 Swych company will offer to get acquainted with the latest generation of nutritional supplements, which are manufactured using the patented nano ZorbMax technology. Most customers report positive results within the first minutes to 3 days of using the products. Those interested will be able to try the stryps, which are comfortable using under the tongue, for free on the day of the exhibition.

What is the main uniqueness and difference of these products from others available on the market with a similar composition?

Their nano ZorbMax production technology, which makes it possible to obtain molecules of substances of the smallest possible nano size allowed in Europe. Thanks to this, the absorbency of all products produced by Swych is between 70 - 98%, which guarantees their speed and effectiveness. For comparison, the absorption capacity of nutritional supplements most often bought on the market is between 15 - 50%.

In terms of effectiveness, these products can be ranked somewhere in the middle between classic nutritional supplements and medications.

Special attention is paid to the stryps made in an innovative shape, which are convenient to put in a purse or pocket and open when needed and put under the tongue to melt and, when they enter the bloodstream in a flash, take effect within a few minutes, preventing the first symptoms of a cold, increasing energy, giving additional concentration abilities and improving the quality of sleep.

Stryps you will have the opportunity to try on the day of the exhibition for free!
The founder or CEO of the company is chemist Mark McCool with more than 30 years of experience in the field of nutritional supplements. The company is currently officially registered and operates in Europe (Italy as a base), the USA and the Philippines. All good quality requirements for product production are followed very carefully and ecological ingredients are also used whenever possible.