Viola Farma offers popular nutritional supplements

SIA VIOLA FARMA will offer at the exhibition popular nutritional supplements (such as Validol, Senna-D, Carbocaps and other products) produced on the basis of a contract in Latvia, as well as nutritional supplements and cosmetic products (shampoo, hair masks, skin care creams and others) produced in Poland and in Ukraine. Food products, such as famous vegetable oils (Black Cumin, Amaranth, Hemp, Milk Thistle and others) will be offered at the exhibition.

SIA "VIOLA FARMA", as a pharmaceutical company, has worked on the Baltic and EU market for more than 25 years(of them more than 20 years as a pharmaceutical company). The company is the first importer of goods from third countries in EU countries that has direct contracts with factory manufacturers. Currently, SIA "VIOLA FARMA" is a wholesale and retail company, which also deals with the registration of third-country producers’ products in Europe for their further sale. We pay special attention to the quality of the goods. Our assortment includes products that promote health, because health is the main source of beauty and longevity.

Viola Farma